Research Areas
DICP is well known for its important achievements in catalytic chemistry, chemical engineering, molecular reaction dynamics, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, all of which have furthered economic and technological development in China.

Since 1998, faculty and students at DICP have published more than 8,100 SCI papers, with over 160 papers of these papers published in top scientific journals, such as Science, Nature, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., and JACS. DICP has also been granted more than 2000 patents, including more than 60 overseas patents.

Moving forward, DICP has a mission to, “focus on sustainable energy research and coordinate the development of environment optimization, biotechnology and advanced material in a multidisciplinary atmosphere by strengthening technological integration and innovation.” The institute also, “aims to play indispensable roles in national economy and security, and to become a leading...
Analytical Services and Administration
Physical & Chemical Testing Center of DICP