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2024 New Year's Message From the Director

Posted: 2023-12-31
As the wheel of time turns, ushering in a new year, on behalf of the leadership team at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), I extend the warmest wishes to our dedicated staff, students, retired colleagues, friends, and their families, both domestically and internationally. We extend our heartfelt gratitude and extend sincere blessings to all of you.
In 2023, we laid the foundation and ventured into new frontiers to create a strong momentum for the high-quality development of DICP, achieving milestones such as the establishment of the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, the inaugural Academic Committee of the Liaoning Binhai Laboratory, and the approval for the construction of the Yulin Energy Revolution Innovation Demonstration Zone. In addition, two national energy R&D centers, the Advanced Staitionary Electrochemical Energy Storage R&D Center, and the Green Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology R&D Center, have been approved with the support of the National Energy Administration. In 2023, we walked hand in hand with the nation, gaining strength through unity. The CAS Strategic Priority Research Program of "Revolutionary Key Technologies and Demonstration of Clean Energy" has successfully undergone project acceptance with breakthroughs in 63 key technologies, 55 industrial demonstrations, and a remarkable social investment of 180 billion RMB. Two other new CAS Strategic Priority Research Programs, "Key Technologies and Demonstrations for Energy Storage Based on a High Proportion of Renewable Energy" and "Dynamic Analysis and Intelligent Design of Energy Electro-catalysis" were approved. The Single-Atom Catalysis Science Center has been approved and funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, strenthening DICP's ability to address important national tasks. 
In 2023, we focused on talent recruitment and development, adhering to the integrated promotion of science, education, and talent. We has continued to improve the ‘full-chain’ scientific talent system, attracting high-level leading talents and outstanding young talents. Deepening the integration of science and education aims to cultivate scientific pillar talents for the nation, striving to build a haven for outstanding talents dedicated to academic pursuits. In 2023, we planned for the future and bravely faced challenges. We set up a strategic consulting committee, inviting 30 renowned academicians to draw up the institute's strategic development plan. We advanced information construction, strengthened digital transformation, established the Artificial Intelligence Application Center, and actively explored new pathways to improve management efficiency and transform research paradigms. Meanwhile, the space for DICP development has been expanded, with the embryonic form of 'Yinggeshi Science City' already visible.
The collective efforts of DICPers have illuminated the path to scientific and technological dominance, contributing to achievements such as the development of the first realization of a mild condition ultra-fast hydrogen negative ion conductor and the breakthrough of the balance bottleneck between conversion rate and selectivity in synthesis gas direct conversion reactions. We successfully developed the Dalian Advanced Light Source with a high-quality factor 1.3Hz superconducting accelerator module. In response to the urgent demands of the country, we completed the long-term light emission performance test of the novel chemical laser and the external field full-system joint test of an oxygen-iodine chemical laser. Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide reduction module works stably in the core cabin of the space station. In response to the national industrial development, the third-generation methanol-to-olefin technology (DMTO-III) achieved industrial application. The world's largest methanol-to-ethanol (DMTE) unit using coke oven gas as feedstock was put into operation with a capacity of 600,000 tons of ethanol per year. Continuous one-step amination method for producing polyetheramine with a capacity of 40,000 tons/year was successfully operated. The 10 kWh phosphate-based sodium-ion battery system and the 100 kWh zinc-bromine flow battery system were successfully demonstrated. The 3 MW PEM electrolysis hydrogen production demonstration station was put into operation. For the health and well-being of the people, stem cell-derived organs were introduced for the first time for organ chip research, opening up new directions. Meanwhile, the key regulatory molecules are identified in the process of pyruvic acid enter into mitochondria, providing new insights into the development of targeted drugs for cancer metastasis.
We uphold the principle of "cooperation and mutual benefit" as we endeavor to transform innovative ideas into technological achievements. We are committed to providing scientific and technological innovation for the high-quality development of the nation, promoting multidimensional collaboration, and accelerating the transformation of technological achievements into industrial realities. We are dedicated to extensive international cooperation, exploring solutions for global energy and environmental improvement with international mega-companies. we have completed more than 50 projects in clean energy areas cooperated with British Petroleum company over the past 20 years, and a memorandum of understanding on fuel cell power stations is signed with Belgian company EcoSourcen, marking the entry of DICP’s fuel cell technology into the European market in2023. Committed to openness and exchange, we have made our voice heard at high-profile international conferences such as the G20 Science Summit (S20),  the 5th Research and Development 20 for Clean Energy Technologies conference (RD20), and the China-UK Policy Dialogue Symposium.
The achievements of the past year are the result of the efforts of all our staff and students, the support of retired colleagues, and the assistance of friends from all walks of life in China and globally. It is also a testament to the cultural inheritance of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, characterized by the spirit of 'Innovation, Collaboration, Academic rigor, and Excellence.' 
With each passing year, there is a new gift, and with every inch of joy, we extend our wishes. May those of you striving for the peak of science and technology continue to forge ahead with excellence! May you find success on the journey toward a happy life and good health! Blessings for the prosperity of our great motherland, and may the nation be prosperous and peaceful!
LIU Zhongmin
Director of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences