DICP is located in the port city of Dalian, China. In the past half century, research at DICP has closely reflected the economic and scientific needs of China. DICP focuses on sustainable energy research and coordinates the development of environment optimization, biotechnology and advanced material in a multidisciplinary atmosphere by strengthening technological integration and innovation. DICP aims to play an indispensable roles in the national economy and security, and become a leading research institute in the world.

DICP welcomes faculties from around the world, we also invite or employ international professors, research scholars, short-term scholars in the research of catalysis, chemical engineering, chemical lasers, chemical dynamics, organic synthesis, chromatography for modern analytic chemistry, biotechnology, and so on.
Support, Salary and Benefits
  • 01
    Generous start-up package, competitive salary and benefits will be provided based on different recruitment programs.
  • 02
    The start-up package includes adequate start-up funds, newly renovated office, ample laboratory space, and plenty of research assistants. 
  • 03
    The benefits include medical insurance, retirement and house subsidy.
  • 04
    For leading professors, the salary at a level of international counterparts would be offered.
How to apply
Please send applications, inquires and nominations to liuchang@dicp.ac.cn. All applications should include a CV and a list of detailed publications. Those interested in cluster hiring should send CVs and publications as a group.
Any questions about working at DICP, please contact DICP’s personnel department: