HUANG Yanqiang
Title: Professor
Subject: Industrial Catalysis
Phone: 0411-84379416
Research Interests

1. Design and synthesis of metallic catalysts for applications in propellants decomposition;
2. CO2 capture and utilization.


1. 1997-2002: study in Dalian University of Technology and received Double BS degree;

2. 2002-2008: study in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and received PhD degree in 2008;

3. 2008-present: work in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.

Honors and Awards

1. Cerium-Oxide-Modified Nickel as a Non-Noble Metal Catalyst for Selective Decomposition of Hydrous Hydrazine to Hydrogen
ACS Catal., 5 (2015) 1623-1628
2. Design strategies of highly selective nickel catalysts for H2 production via hydrous hydrazine decomposition: a review
National Science Review, Accepted
3. The Influence of Pretreatment Temperature on the Catalytic Performance of Rutile TiO2-supported Ruthenium Catalyst in CO2 Methanation
J. Catal., 333 (2016) 227-237
4. A Schiff-base Modified Gold Catalyst for Green and Efficient H2 Production from Formic Acid
Energy Environmental Science, 8 (2015) 3204-3207
5. Pd@C3N4 Nanocatalyst for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Storage System based on Potassium Bicarbonate/Formate
AIChE J, 62 (2016) 2410-2418