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Human resources are the key for the success of our institute. DICP has been cultivating a group of talented scientists andengineers both homegrown and attracted from overseas. They have played key roles in the development of the Institute. DICP now is home to 14 members of CAS and CAE. 4 recipients of the "National High-level Talent with special support program". 25 young scientists have been the recipients of the “Distinguished Young Scholar of National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)”. In addition, 5 teams were selected as “Creative Research Groups of NSFC”, and 2 teams were selected to join “International Partnership for Innovative Team Program of CAS”. 

Human Resources (by 09.2018)

DICP has put great emphasis on developing innovative research teams. We believe that human resources are our greatest assets and that both human and intellectual capabilities, as well as individual and team efforts, must be brought together. At DICP, we have also set up our own“DICP Partnership Professor Program,” along with DICP Honorary Professorships, full- and part-time faculty, and a visiting professor program. At the same time, we continue to perfect our human resource system and have initiated several programs, such as “Group Cluster” and the “Innovative Special-Zone Group” to promote collaborations in both fundamental and applied research. We also set up a program of deputy PIs and project managers to support research teams. In addition, we also implemented a program to recruit top PhD graduates to join our research faculties. Through the development of these human resource programs, we intend to build our competitive edges in both basic and applied researches, with emphasis on both individual career development and team effort.



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