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Researchers Realize Two-dimensional Separation Detection of Triacetone Triperoxide and Hexamethylene Tqrioxide Diamine in Complex Matrices [2016-04-14]
The 2015 Annual Work Report Conference of "Twelfth Five-year" National Key Technology Support Program "Seize and Control Illegal Drugs Criminal Core Technology and Equipment Research" Hold in DICP [2016-04-14]
The workshop for “Analysis of Life” project recommendation is held in DICP [2016-03-28]
Prof. Sheng-Cai Lin visited Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics [2016-03-23]
Review paper on “Catalysis with Two-Dimensional Materials and Their Heterostructures” is Published on Nature Nanotechnology [2016-03-07]
DICP Researchers Find a New Pathological Mechanism of Glioma Centered in Hypotaurine Through Functional Metabolomics Research [2016-03-07]
DICP Researchers Develop Bimodal Highly Ordered Mesostructure Carbon Applied in Zinc Bromine Flow Battery with High Energy Efficiency [2016-02-29]
DICP Biomolecular Simulation Theory Research Results Published on the Cover of Theoretical Computational Chemistry Core Magazine [2016-02-24]
Regulation of MLL Family Methyltransferase Protein Activities via Dynamic Interactions of Multi-protein Complexes [2016-02-23]
New Process in the Synthesis of Fused Azepines [2016-02-23]
The Research Progress in Non-fluorinated Ion Conducting Membranes for Flow Battery [2016-02-23]
DICP Researchers Made New Progress in the Highly Dispersed Metal Catalysts [2016-02-23]
A series of research progress in non-fluorinated porous ions conducting membranes for flow battery [2016-02-23]
Armored yeast cells produce cellulosic ethanol unharmed by toxic chemicals [2016-02-04]
The Third Members' Meeting of the Second Academic Committee for Key Laboratory of Separation Science for Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences held in our institute [2016-02-01]
DICP-Topsoe R&D Center Inauguration and Research Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony Held at DICP [2016-01-29]
Highlight on C-Alkylation of Ketones and Related Compounds by Alcohols Through Borrowing Hydrogen Strategy [2016-01-27]
2015 Annual Meeting for the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics [2016-01-26]
Enabling an Integrated Tantalum Nitride Photoanode to Approach the Theoretical Photocurrent Limit for Solar Water Splitting [2016-01-26]
Division of Biotechnology Held 2015 Annual Academic Symposium [2016-01-25]
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