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863 Project “Toxicity Assessment Technologies for Emerging Contaminants” Passed the Acceptance [2016-06-23]
The 4th China-Canada Systems Biology Symposium was held at University of Ottwa Canada [2016-06-23]
DICP Researchers Develop a Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Reaction-Separation-Reaction Coupling [2016-06-17]
Professor BAO Xinhe Wins Outstanding Achievement Award of International Natural Gas Conversion [2016-06-15]
DICP Researchers Develop Aziridinyl Fluorophores with Bright Fluorescence and Superior Photostability [2016-06-15]
DICP Invested Rongke Power Company Elected to the China-US Eco-Partnership [2016-06-12]
DICP Researchers Find Graphene Confined CoN4 Structure Possesses Activity and Stability Double-optimum in Catalyzing Reaction [2016-06-12]
The 1st 2016 WG Meeting on Flow Battery Standardization of NEA/TC 23 Has Been Successfully Held at Liaoyang city [2016-06-12]
Project of “High Accuracy and High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Analyzer” Passes Spot-Test for Technique Target [2016-06-08]
Visit of Prof. David A. Weitz from Harvard University [2016-05-29]
DICP Researchers Develop Heterogeneous Hollow Microfibers by Simple Spinning on Chip [2016-05-25]
DICP Researchers Prepare a Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells Attained the World's Efficiency Record [2016-05-25]
“Development of High Pressure PTFE Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor and Its Application” Awardes Membrane Industry Association of China First Prize [2016-05-24]
Prof. BAO Xinhe ReceiveS the 5th Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese Chemical Society- China Petrochemical Corporation [2016-05-24]
DICP Researchers Devised a Chemical Proteomic Approach to Capture Methylated Protein [2016-05-17]
President of Shanghai Biotecan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Dr. Jingwei Lou visited DICP [2016-05-09]
“Innovation of Large Scale Cultivation and Bioconversion of Oil-Rich Microalgae for Biodiesel” Passed the Project Achievement Assessment [2016-05-06]
CHINA: SABIC to keep investing in China; CEO says the country remains firm's top market as demand for products keeps rising [2016-05-03]
DICP Researchers Develop a Highly-sensitive Technique for Detection of Odor Sulfur Compounds [2016-04-29]
The 7th Academic Committee Meeting of State Key Laboratory of Catalysis held in DICP [2016-04-25]
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