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DICP Researchers Synthesize an Au Nano-catalyst With Ultra stability and High Activity [2016-09-12]
DICP Researchers Discover Simultaneous Two Electron Transfer Mechanism from Semiconductor to Molecular Catalyst under Strong Alkaline Conditions [2016-09-01]
Dalian Team Synthesizes Advanced Catalytic Layer for Fuel Cell MEAs: Low Pt-loading, High Mass Activity [2016-09-01]
Energy Patents Get Better Connected with New Center [2016-09-01]
DICP Researchers Develop the Effective Surface Modification for Record Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells [2016-08-29]
The 7th International Zeolite Membrane Meeting was Successfully Held in Dalian [2016-08-29]
DICP Symposium (XXXVIII) on Inorganic Membranes: New Concepts, Methods and Applications successfully held in DICP [2016-08-29]
LiH Mediate Low-temperature Ammonia Synthesis [2016-08-19]
863 Project "Key technology of novel Li-S batteries for chemical energy storage " Passed Technical Acceptance [2016-08-15]
Review Article on Pd-based Composite Membranes by DICP Scientists [2016-08-15]
The Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League Investigates and Research the Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy of DICP [2016-08-04]
Targeting Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Signaling in Ras Homolog Enriched in Brain Drives Human Cancer [2016-07-22]
Coke Oven Flue Gas Denitrification Industrial Units Using DICP Low-temperature DeNOx Technology is Fully Operational [2016-07-14]
DICP Symposium (XXXXI) on “Pre-symposium of 16th ICC: International Symposium on Single-Atom Catalysis” is successfully held [2016-07-08]
DICP Researchers Developed Advanced Porous Membranes with Ultra-high Selectivity and Stability for Flow Battery [2016-07-08]
China Focus: China Looks to Catalysis in Solving Environmental Problems [2016-07-06]
DICP Researchers Develop A Natural-artificial Photosynthetic Hybrid for Overall Water Splitting [2016-07-04]
DICP Researchers Design and Controll the Exposed Facets of High Symmetry SrTiO3 Nanocrystal [2016-07-01]
Prof. ZHUANG Zhengping Visites Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics [2016-06-29]
DICP Researchers Complete a Full-dimensional Quantum Dynamics Calculation for Dissociative Chemisorption [2016-06-24]
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