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DICP Symposium (XXXVIII) on Inorganic Membranes: New Concepts, Methods and Applications successfully held in DICP
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DICP Symposium (XXXVIII) on Inorganic Membranes: New Concepts, Methods and Applications was successfully held on 23rd August at the academic hall of the building of basic energy, DICP. Prof. Weishen Yang, a research fellow of our institute, acted as the chairman of this symposium, with two session chairmen of Prof. Xuefeng Zhu and Prof. Yanshuo Li. A dozen professors and experts from several countries including China, America, Germany, Netherlands and Australia made excellent academic reports, and energetically communicated and discussed with participants.


Assistant Director of DICP Rui Cai addressed the opening speech, and briefly introduced the profile of DICP and the state of our research in catalysis field.


The symposium is aimed at promoting the research and progress in the area of inorganic membranes, especially the new concepts on chemical compositions, structures, preparation methods, characterization techniques, as well as new membrane processes and applications. The topics with wide range cover mixed ionic-electronic conducting membranes, metallic membranes, nanocomposite membranes, catalytic membrane reactors, characterizations of membranes, and membrane processes and applications. The discussions among scholars all over the world not only enhanced mutual understandings and communications, but also contributed to the international influence enhancement of our institute in the field of inorganic membranes. Furthermore, participants visited the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, and discussed the academic collaborations in future.

This symposium further strengthens the communication and cooperation with related organizations at domestic and overseas in the field of inorganic membranes, and promotes the enhancement and development of our research in this field.




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