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The Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League Investigates and Research the Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy of DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-08-04    From:S&T Department

On August 2nd, 2016, the central executive vice president of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League HUANG Zhixian together with 7 members investigates and researches Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP). The vice governor of Liao Ning province LIU Qiang and other government staff are coming together. The party secretary WANG Hua, vice director FENG Aisheng, assistant directors, directors of research groups, directors of management and support departments attend the investigation and research activities.


In the investigation and research meeting, WANG Hua presents the recent development of our institute, especially the progress in applying the national laboratory. LIU Qiang says that DICP is a famous institute and has a strong background in energy research area. DICP has a great effect in promoting the innovation of Liao Ning province. Liao Ning government will stand aside DICP in applying national laboratory. HUANG Zhixian says energy is crucial for the development of China. Present XI Jinping points out that there should be a revolution in energy. It is well known that the technology of energy is the key point of energy. DICP has achieved amounts of innovation results and showed strong research ability. Therefore, DICP is suitable to be the leader to build national laboratory in energy area. The Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League is interested in promoting the development of north east of China. The foundation of national laboratory in Dalian would generate a positive effect in revitalization of north east China, especially Liao Ning province.


After the meeting, all the attendee visit the national laboratory for clean energy. The researchers in the laboratory present their recent progresses to the visitors. During the visiting, the visitors have a deep communication with academician BAO Xinhe, WEI Yingxu and LI Xianfeng.


The Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League is one of the eight legally recognized political parties in the People's Republic of China that follow the direction of the Communist Party of China and are member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. It was formed in Hong Kong on November 1947 by members of the Taiwanese Communist Party who survived the February 28 Incident.(Text and Image by CHEN Weidong)




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