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DICP Symposium (XXXXI) on “Pre-symposium of 16th ICC: International Symposium on Single-Atom Catalysis” is successfully held
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-07-08    From:Group15

The Pre-symposium of 16th ICC: International Symposium on Single-Atom Catalysis was held from June 30th to July 2nd, 2016 at Convention Center of Energy Building, Dalian Institute of Chemical physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 300 people from near 10 countries participate in this congress. Prof. ZHANG Tao from DICP is the chairman, and Prof. LI Jun from Tsinghua University and Prof. LIU Jingyue from Arizona State University are the co-chairmen of the symposium.


Prof. LI Can, as the chairman of the 16th International Congress on Catalysis, and Prof. ZHANG Tao, as the director of DICP and chairman of this symposium, addressed the speeches at the opening ceremony on the afternoon of June 30.


The scope of the congress topic mainly focuses on the rapid development of new preparation methods, advanced characterization techniques, and insightful theoretical understanding at the single-atom scale: (1) catalyst preparation and catalytic performance; (2) advanced characterization on single-atom catalysts; (3) theoretical insight in single-atom catalysts. This symposium features 30 talks, including 7 plenary lectures, 14 keynote lectures, 9 invited talks, and more than 20 poster presentations. At the end of this symposium, a round table discussion was set up which offers a deep and extensive communication between the audience and all the plenary speakers. This symposium provided an international forum for active researchers in the field of single-atom catalysis to discuss the new results and ideas.

This successful symposium further strengthens international exchanges and cooperation in single-atom catalysis field between DICP and abroad, and also promotes DICP to become an important base of single-atom catalysis research in the world.(Text by QIAO Botao/ Image by SU Yang)




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