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DICP Invested Rongke Power Company Elected to the China-US Eco-Partnership
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-06-12    From:DNL17

Rongke Power, technically invested by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, and UniEnergy Technologies (UET) intend to co-develop the vanadium flow batteries, upgrade the key technologies, optimize energy storage solutions and establish economic models for both China and U.S. markets. In addition, the effective mutual collaborations are expected to further promote renewable applications and enhance the clean, efficient and safe electricity network.

On June 6th 2016, the president of Dalian Rongke Power, LIU Yanhui and the president of UET, Rick Winter, signed the letter of Intent for cooperation under the program of China-US Eco-Partnerships at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing. China State Councilor, YANG Jiechi, and American Secretary of State, John Forbes Kerry attended the signing ceremony.

U.S.-China Ecopartnerships Signing Ceremony (Image by WANG Xiaoli)

YANG stated the eco-partnership between China and U.S. has made remarkable achievements since the establishment seven years ago. China government will consistently push forward the sustainable growth and take active measures to tackle the problems of climate changes.

John Forbes Kerry said that the collaborations between Chinese and American enterprises will help partners of both sides to better face the challenges from climate changes and to promote renewable energy applications. Kerry also highlighted that the technology of energy storage will bring fundamental changes to future electricity grids and energy supply system.

The “Eco-Partnership Program” is a platform established based on the Ten Year Energy and Environment Cooperation Framework. The Framework noted that the program was designed to stimulate the mutually beneficial collaborations between like-minded organizations, such as academia, enterprises, and local governments etc. The leading entity of China is the National Development and Reform Commission, and the leading entity of U.S. is the State Department and the Department of Energy. Six couples of partners have been selected into 2016 China-US Eco-partnerships.(Text/Image by WANG Xiaoli)


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