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Visit of Prof. David A. Weitz from Harvard University
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-05-29    From:Group 1807

Prof. David A. Weitz of Harvard University was invited to visit DICP on 25th of May and delivered a report titled "Droplet-based microfluidics for precision medicine". Dr. Huidan Zhang, a colleague of Prof. David A. Weitz, also gave a talk regarding "Directed Evolution and the study of viruses in drop-based microfluidics". The lecture session was presided over by Prof. QIN Jianhua(Fellow of RSC).

During this report, Prof. Weitz presented many notable works on droplet-based microfluidics, including using microfluidic platform to generate picoliter-volume droplets in a high-throughput manner, manipulating droplets (e.g. splitting, coalescence, and sorting), and their potential applications in precision medicine field. Furthermore, Prof. Weitz shared many real applications of droplet-based microfluidics techniques, such as circulation tumor cell sorting, single cells assays, drug screening, digital PCR, and viral genome sequencing, etc. He foretold that droplet-based microfluidics could provide a promising platform in rapid biological analysis and precision medicine field. After the report, Prof. Weitz further exchanged academic viewpoints with the audiences on related topics and warmly answered their questions.


After the report, Prof. David A. Weitz was given a friendly meeting by Prof. YANG Xueming, the Vice Director of DICP. Prof. Weitz showed great interest in Molecular Reaction Dynamics and highly affirmed the innovative research in this field. After the meeting, Prof. Weitz visited the Laboratory of Biomicrofluidics System, listened some students’ introductions on their own latest research progress, discussed relevant scientific problems, and gave a high degree of affirmation in the achievements of integrated chips and biomicrofluidics techniques developed by their lab. Afterwards, Prof. Weitz was also invited to tour the Laboratory of Rapid Separation and Detection, the Laboratory of Separation Materials and Separation Method, the Laboratory of High Resolution Separation/analysis and Metabonomics and the Translational medicinecenter, and exchanged relative research opinions with the staff of these labs.

Prof. David A. Weitz is the Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and professor of Systems Biology at Harvard University. He is the Director of Harvard's NSF-funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, and the co-Director of the BASF Advanced Research Initiative as well as a member of the Kavli Institute of Bionano Science and Technology. His research efforts include soft matter physics, colloidal physics, biological materials, drop-based microfluidics for biophysics and biotechnology applications, single cells analysis and rapid biological molecular detection, drug controlled release new material development and translational medicine research. Prof. David A. Weitz had published more than 500 peer-reviewed papers, some of them were published on top international journals like Science、Nature、Cell and Nature Biotechnology, etc. Until now, his papers were referred more than 58000 times, and he had a Hirsch index of 129.



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