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The 7th Academic Committee Meeting of State Key Laboratory of Catalysis held in DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-04-25    From:Gruop 505

The 2016 annual meeting for the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis (SKLC) was held at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) on April 23, 2016. This is also the first Meeting of the 7th Academic Committee. About 80 members and SKLC staff attended the meeting, including the committee Chairman (Prof. LI Can), Vice-chairmen (Prof. DING Kuiling and Dr. XIE Zaiku), the advisory board members (Prof. WAN Huilin, Prof. ZHENG Xiaoming, and Prof. XIE Youchang), the committee members (Prof. CHEN Chusheng, Prof. DING Weiping, Prof. LIU Zhongmin, Prof. SUN Licheng, Prof. WANG Jianguo, Prof. WANG Ye, Prof. WU Kai, Prof. XIA Chungu, Prof. XU Boqing, Prof. XU Jie, Prof. ZHANG Tao, Prof. ZHAO Jincai, Dr. ZONG Baoning), and research scientists from the SKLC. Prof. ZHANG Tao, the director of DICP, presented his welcome remarks and encouraged the committee members to contribute creative ideas to the SKLC.

Prof. SHEN Wenjie, the director of SKLC, overviewed SKLC organizing structure, principle investigators, international cooperation, major research topics and outputs in recent years. Reprehensive scientists from SKLC reported their research activities on different fields. Prof. DING Yunjie presented “Homogeneous- heterogeneous catalysis using single-atom catalysts”; Prof. PAN Xiulian talked “Exploration of new technologies for C1 platform”; Prof. ZHU Xuefeng reported “Interface effect in oxygen-permeable membranes and high efficiency catalytic membrane reactors”; Prof. LI Gao presented “The application of gold clusters in catalysis”; Dr. LI Rengui reported “Photo induced charge separation in artificial synthesis”; Prof. FAN Fengtao reported “Micro/nano scale charge imaging of semiconductor photo-catalytic materials”

During the discussion, the academic committee members highly valued the outstanding accomplishments of SKLC in recent years and gave constructive suggestions and comments on the development of SKLC.(Text by MAO Jia/ Image by HU Linyan)

The 7th Academic Committee Meeting of State Key Laboratory of Catalysis held in DICP (Image by HU Linyan)



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