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2015 Annual Meeting for the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-01-26    From:State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics

The 2015 annual meeting for the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics (SKLMRD) was held at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) on January 19-21, 2016, which is also the first Members' Meeting of the Sixth Academic Committee. About 80 people attended the meeting, including the advisory board (Academician Guozhong He, Academician Guohe Sha, Academician Jiannian Yao, Academician Xi Zhang), the committee (Academician Lansun Zheng, Academician Buxing Han, Academician Yadong Li, Academician Kopin Liu, Academician He Tian, Academician Yundong Wu, Academician Xueming Yang, Academician Jincai Zhao, Professor Zhiyi Wei, Professor Andong Xia, Professor Xin Xu, Professor John Z. H. Zhang, Professor Mingfei Zhou), and the research scientists from the SKLMRD. Academician Tao Zhang, the director of DICP, presented in this meeting and encouraged the committee to ontribute creative thinking and operational excellence to the SKLMRD.

Academician Lansun Zheng, the director of the Academic Committee, presided over the meeting. Professor Donghui Zhang, the director of the SKLMRD, first reported team building, talent honors, graduate training, the task, open funding, existing problems of the SKLMD in the last year, and pointed out the priory work for the future, etc. In addition, Donghui Zhang generally introduced the basic situation of the Chemical Dynamics Research Center (class B group) which was established at the end of 2015. Each group leader individually reported their research directions, the personnel, research achievements, and future research plan. Academician Xueming Yang, the director of Chemical Dynamics Research Center and Professor Weiqing Zhang, Associate Professor Kaijun Yuan gave reports of “Surface photochemistry reaction dynamics”, “Progress of the project of extremely ultraviolet coherent light source”, “Low temperature dynamics of alcohol-water structures and ionic aqueous solution with 2D-IR spectroscopy” respectively.

2015 Annual Meeting for the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Reaction Dynamics(Photo by XU Dali)


The members of this academic committee are the top experts from different fields of chemistry and physics. During the discussion, the academic committee highly praised the accomplishments of the SKLMRD in 2015, and deeply discussed the organization of the lab, the integration and organization of the Chemical Dynamics Research Center, the internal evaluation mechanism of the SKLMRD based on the new situation, including outstanding young talent training, interdisciplinary and communication, and the specific scientific questions exist in these group leaders’ report. (Text/Photo by Shuling Chen and Dongxu Dai)




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