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Division of Biotechnology Held 2015 Annual Academic Symposium
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2016-01-25    From:Group 1816

On January 21st, the 2015 annual academic report of division of biotechnology was held successfully in the conference hall of biology building. The meeting was presided by Prof. Xu Guowang and Prof. Zhao Zongbao, and Prof. Yang Xueming, deputy director of DICP, attended the report and delivered the open speech. This symposium attracted more than 200 researchers, including Prof. Li Can, working on biotechnology.

At the beginning, Prof. Yang Xueming first affirmed the significance of this academic communication. He viewed the report created an excellent scientific research atmosphere for all of us, and it was worth learning and promoting. He also gave some suggestion and expectation on the future development for the division of biotechnology.

Then, the representatives of the 16 research groups gave their reports, including the research direction of each group, the reseach results, the future development plan, etc.. Prof. Li Can made pertinent suggestions on the research content of some groups, respectively. The participants also actively participated in the discussion, and exchanged their different ideas.

After the report, Prof. Xu Guowang and Prof. Zhao Zongbao summarized all the reports, respectively, and discussed on the future development of biotechnology division with participants.(Text/ Photo by NING Siyang)

Division of Biotechnology Held 2015 Annual Academic Symposium(Photo by NING Siyang)



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