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Prof. Depei Liu visited Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2014-10-27

Invited by Prof. Guowang Xu, Prof. Depei Liu (member of Chinese Academy of Engineering) from the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Peking Union Medical College visited Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Oct. 24. In the conference hall of biotechnology department, he gave an excellent lecture about translational medicine research on cardiovascular diseases. Scientists from biotechnology department and the relevant research groups listened to the lecture.

Prof. Liu firstly summarized the incidences and the current scientific progression of cardiovascular diseases in China. He pointed out that cardiovascular diseases are still in rising stage in the following two decades. Based on his own study, he introduced the pathological roles of Sirt1 signal pathway in the development of cardiovascular diseases. Prof. Liu gave high praise for translational research in view of cardiovascular diseases and made some predictions about the potential aspects that translational research could get successful in near future.

Before the lecture, the director of DICP, Prof. Tao Zhang (member of the CAS) met Prof. Liu, and introduced the history, research fields and achievements, and future development strategy of DICP including the translational medicine scientific center which is being established. In the meantime, Prof. Liu had a lab tour to the metabolomics and proteomics laboratories. He gave very good evaluation to the platforms in our institute and showed great interest in conducting further cooperative researches on translational medicine, especially on lipidomics applications.

Prof. Liu has been addressing to gene expression regulation, genetic therapy and pathological mechanism research related to cardiovascular diseases for decades. He was the former deputy dean of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the president of Chinese Academy of Medical Science and the president of Peking Union Medical College. He is a member of standing committee of the National People’s Congress and a member of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council. (Text Peng Gao/ Photo Xiaoli Hou).




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