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The Subjects of 973 program “Fundamental Research on Flow Batteries for Large-scale and High Efficient Energy Storage Applications” Have Successfully Passed the Evaluation
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2014-10-16

The subject evaluation meeting of the National 973 program “Fundamental Research on Flow Batteries for Large-scale and High Efficient Energy Storage Applications”, carried mainly by the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), was held in Dalian, Oct. 13th, 2014. The evaluation group was composed of 11 experts, including Academician Yusheng Yang (Research Institute of Chemical Defense), Academician Baolian Yi (DICP), Professor Yanping Sun (Taiyuan University of Technology), Professor Shigang Sun (Xiamen University), Professor Pucheng Pei (Tsinghua University), Professor Zifeng Ma (Shanghai JiaoTong University), etc.. The evaluation group, Weifeng Liu (Vice Director of Science and Technology Department in DICP) , 6 subject leaders along with the relating delegations attended the meeting, which was presided over by Professor Huamin Zhang, leader of the evaluation group and also project’s chief scientist.

Firstly, the subject leaders presented the experts some aspects of the targets completeness, the innovations and achievements, the talent cultivation and cooperation/exchange in their respective research. The evaluation group affirmed the achievements, and accepted the great progress made in the aspects of cost reduction, durability and reliability, and large-scale energy storage application of the flow battery system. They showed highly recognition that some innovation achievements, such as the porous ion conducting membrane, high performance stack and high power density flow batteries’ design and integration together with the new system of Zn-Ni flow battery, have reached international advanced level.

Based on the serious discussion, the evaluation groups were unanimous in approving that all the subjects passed the evaluation. For further understanding the scientific problems in the large-scale energy storage applications, and also keeping the international leading level of flow batteries, the evaluation group suggested that the government should continuously support the researchon flow batteries for large-scale and high efficient energy storage applications and make further efforts to promote the industrialization.(Text/Photo Huiying Liu )



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