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Xueming Yang was invited to serve as the associate editor of Science Advances Journal
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2014-09-25

Recently, the top international scientific journal "science" announced its own digital open access journal "Science Advances". This journal is acomprehensive scientific publication, which features important research across the entire range of scholarly pursuits including computer, engineering, environmental, life, mathematical, physical, and social sciences. This journal aims to provide a top publishing platform of scientific research, and rapidly publish high-quality research, focusing on work with the potential to make significant advances in any relevant field.The editor-in-chief of "Science", Marcia McNutt, is also the chief of "Science Advances". Academician Xueming Yang from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS,was invited to serve as the associate editor of this journal, and is responsible for editingmanuscripts submittedfrom physical chemistry, chemical physics, spectroscopy, dynamics, surface photocatalysis and other related areas.Since September 18th, "Science Advances"journal (http://scienceadvances.org/) began to acceptmanuscript submissions.

The associate editors have been selected from an international pool of candidates not only for their reputations in their own fields of research, but also for their acknowledged breadth in recognizing and promoting interdisciplinary collaborations. Xueming Yang mainly focuses on the area of experimental chemical dynamics and spectroscopy in the gas phase and at the interfaces.He has developed a new generation of crossed molecular beam instruments, and applied them to study important problems in chemical reaction dynamics.  He has published more 300 scientific papers, including 10 in Science and 1 in Nature. In the recent years, he has received many prestigious research awards, for example, the Broida Prize of the International Symposium on Free Radicals, the Overseas Chinese Physics Association Achievement in Asia Award, and Humboldt Research Award.  In 2006, he was elected to be a member of American Physical Society.

Xueming Yang has maintained close academic cooperation with manyinternational famous scientists. For example, he has invited professor Richard N. Zare (Stanford University) and David C. Clary (Oxford University)to visit our institute as the Einstein Professor of CAS, and invited professor  F. Fleming Crim (University of Wisconsin-Madison) to visit us during our special forum for the 60th Anniversary Celebration of DICP,and invited professorDaniel M. Neumark (University of California-Berkeley) to give us the Zhang Dayu Lecture. He hasalsoset upa long-term cooperationwith professor Rex T. Skodje (University of Colorado) and Timothy K. Minton(Montana State University), who are the foreign visiting professors of CAS, and has published many papers, including 1 in Science and 3 in JACS. In addition, he has also cooperated with professor Alec M. Wodtke(University of California- Santa Barbara) andDavid H. Parker (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen) successfully applying to the “Partnership for International Research and Education for Electron Chemistry and Catalysis at Interfaces, PIRE-ECCI” and “KNAW-CAS joint research project-Imaging of Molecular Dynamics Processes driven by vacuum ultraviolet radiation”. This year, he even invited professor Daniel Auerbach, who is the international expert in surface chemical dynamics, to teach our phD students "surface dynamics" course. (By Lina Cheng)



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