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Prof. Jingguang Chen from Columbia University (USA) was invited to visit Dalian Institute of Chemistry and Physics (DICP)
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2014-07-11

Prof. Jingguang Chen from Columbia University (USA) was invited to visit Dalian Institute of Chemistry and Physics (DICP) by Prof. Tao Zhang on 9th July. In the morning of 9th July, Prof. Spring presented a lecture with the title of “Design of Catalysts and Electrocatalysts for Energy Applications”, in the BES building of DICP. The lecture was chaired by Prof. Tao Zhang, who also on behalf of CAS awarded Prof. Jingguang Chen a certificate of "Chinese academy of sciences visiting professorship for senior international scientists”. With over 100 researchers participate.

In his lecture, Prof. Schick introduced their DFT Calculations for SolidSurface ScienceDesign and synthesis of catalysts and Application in the field of energy. After the report, he had further discussion with related researchers.


Jingguang Chen is the Thayer Lindsley Professor of chemical engineering at Columbia University.  He received his BS degree in chemistry from Nanjing University and was selected to study in the USA in the China-USA Chemistry Graduate Program (CGP).  He received his PhD degree from the University of Pittsburgh, followed by a Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship in Germany.   After spending several years as a staff scientist at Exxon Corporate Research he started his academic career at the University of Delaware, serving as the director of the Center for Catalytic Science and Technology and the Claire LeClaire Professor of chemical engineering.  He moved to Columbia University in 2012. He has been elected for several leadership positions in the catalysis societies, including the Chair of the Gordon Conference on Catalysis, the director-at-large of the North American Catalysis Society, and the Chair of the Catalysis Division in the American Chemical Society.  He has co-authored20 United Statespatents and 280 journal articles that have been cited over 9,000 times.Text by Fei Liu/Photo by Hui Sun



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