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A scientific communication was held between Dalian Municipal Central Hospital and DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-12-20

Invited by Prof. Guowang Xu, a delegation including experts of urology, radiotherapy, radiotherapy, hand & foot surgery, central laboratory and clinical laboratory visited our institute on Dec. 18, 2013. A scientific seminar was held in the conference hall of Building 04. Scientists from 10 research groups of Department of Biotechnology and the relevant fields from our institute participated. 

The seminar was co-chaired by Prof. Guowang Xu and Prof. Li Zhang, the director of central laboratory. Clinical experts firstly introduced their interested basic and clinical themes and the latest achievement on their regeneration medicine, stem cell research, nerve traumatology, kidney diseases and oncology researches. PIs from Department of Biotechnology and the relevant groups discussed specific topics about standardized metabolomic sampling, fluorescent molecular probes and imagination and glioma detection techniques in biomedicine study. At the end of this event, clinical experts exchanged their ideas with our corresponding research groups in a pairwised “face to face” manner. Some common intents have been primarily reached or discussed in detail on microRNA, metabolomics, proteomics, 3D cell culture, fluorescence-based high sensitivity detection and cell sorting research arenas in view of cooperative efforts.  

Dalian Municipal Central Hospital is one of the biggest general 3A hospitals in Dalian with abundant clinical resource and powerful medical strength. On Aug. 13, President Xizhou Sun invited Prof. Xu and some PIs of DICP to visit them and give lectures about Department of Biotechnology, the relevant research groups and the recent advances in lab on chip, metabolomics application in translational medicine, molecular imagination of tumor, biomedical materials fields. This seminar aims at promoting a substantial cooperation between both sides and seeking a link point to carry out the cooperative research in practice. Professors Ling Yang, Zhaochao Xu, Mingliang Ye, Renan Wu, Xingya Xue and Zhen Liang took part in the discussion. Associate professors Mingqian Tan, Guangwei Sun, Peng Gao, Peiyuan Yin, Xiaozhe Zhang and Dr. Heng Cao participated. (By GAO Peng, XING Yaxue ) 



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