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Signing Ceremony for the establishment of the DICP-SABIC “Center for Advanced Chemical Production Research” Held at DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-12-06


On December 4th, the DICP-SABIC “Center for Advanced Chemicals Production Technology” was formally established in the lecture hall of the Biology Building. The ceremony was well attended and included SABIC’s executive vice president Dr. Ernesto Occhiello, the director of Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Liaoning Province Mr. WANG Liwei, vice mayor of Dalian Mr. LIU Yan, and deputy director of the Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education Dr. CHEN Xiaofeng. From DICP, director Prof. ZHANG Tao and deputy directors Prof. LIU Zhongmin and Prof. YANG Xueming were present along with numerous staff and faculty. Director of technology, Prof. CAI Rui, hosted the opening ceremony.  



Prof. Zhang extended a warm welcome to the guests in an opening speech and expressed his excitement at the opportunity to collaborate with SABIC, a powerful industry figure and leader in multiple fields. SABIC and DICP have already had several substantial collaborations, but this new center represents a next step between the two organizations. Both sides hope that all future interactions will use this platform to develop new technologies, actively pursue industrialization, combine the technology of DICP with SABIC’s industrial knowhow, and create a model for cooperation between a domestic research institute and a global corporation.    

Dr. Occhiello followed and introduced SABIC’s current developmental status, including its industrial distribution, market standing, and strategic aims. He stated that DICP, and the application of its research, has already received international acknowledgement and SABIC has engaged in past, fruitful cooperation with the institute. He trusts that with the founding of this research center, the future will bring even more substantial results. At the same time, he also hopes that research outcomes from DICP can be put to use by SABIC, creating greater efficiencies for the industry.    

Dr. CHEN Xiaofeng of CAS said, in a subsequent statement, that SABIC and CAS have contact several times and reach cooperation intent. The founding of this research center symbolizes a new stage in the relationship between the organizations. He hopes that DICP and SABIC will uphold a strong spirit of cooperation, and give full play to their strengths, working together to tackle scientific problems. The partnership will give new standing to the position of CAS within the industrial world.    

Dr. LIU Yan also praised the collaboration and cited Dalian’s commitment to bilateral cooperation. He expressed excitement for the contribution of SABIC’s leading technology and business acuity to Dalian’s own economy. Dalian government will continue its support of both sides, provide all necessary services, and aid in creating a model for academic and industrial collaboration.    

At the end of the ceremony, YANG Xueming and Occhiello, representing DICP and SABIC respectively, signed the formal agreement, officially establishing the Center for Advanced Chemicals Production Technology.. (Text/ZHANG Chen  Photography/LIU Wansheng) 





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