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SKLC Receives Micromeritics’ Instrument Grant Award of an ASAP 2020 Micropore Accelerated Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-11-19

An ASAP 2020 Micropore Accelerated Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer, awarded to the SKLC by the Micromeritics, has been successfully installed recently. This is the first instrument awarded to an institute in China since the beginning of the Micromeritics’ global Instrument Grant Award. The granted ASAP 2020 instrument will support a variety of research projects in Prof. Can Li’s team, including photocatalytic splitting of water with sunlight, biomass conversion, gas separation and catalysis, etc.  

In 2006, Micromeritics launched an Instrument Grant Program (http://www.micromeritics.com/Pressroom/Particle-Characterization-Instruments-Grants.aspx) to provide materials characterization instruments to non-profit universities and research organizations for the purpose of fostering and supporting meritorious research projects. The recipients of the grant are designated to be world-recognized   individual researchers or laboratories. The Micromeritics’ Grant Selection Committee will strictly review the applications each year. Up to now, a total of 18 instruments have been granted to the universities and research organizations. The recipients include Prof. Omar Farha of Northwestern University for the research in MOFs and porous organic polymers, Prof. Peter Budd of University of Manchester for the research in nanoporous materials, and Prof. Angiolina Comotti of University of Milano Bicocca in Italy for the research in porous molecular crystals, etc.  

The ASAP 2020 micropore accelerated surface area and porosity analyzer is a kind highly standard modern physisorption analyser. Equipped with a water vapor generator, it can provide maximum versatility over a remarkable range of applications. At present, this instrument has been installed in SKLC and is ready for analysis service. By HU Linyan


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