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Interim Check of 863 State Key Project
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-10-24


  The second project of the 863 State Key Project, "R&D of performance testing evaluation methods, norms and standards of flow battery energy storage” undertaken by the Research Group 17 of DICP, was subjected to an interim check by experts of the 863 State Key Program on 23rd October. The 863 State Key Project , "R&D of Vanadium flow battery cells, modules and systems integration technology” was organized by the High-tech Center of Ministry of Science and Technology. Weidong Zhu, Deputy Director from the High-tech R&D Center of Ministry of Science and Technology presided over the meeting. Seven acceptance experts, such as Prof. Hong Li from Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Hongfeng Xu from Dalian Jiaotong University, together with Science & Technology Dept. of DICP attended the meeting. 

  Firstly, Dr. Hexiang Zhong, the project leader made a detaild report on the current progress and completion of tasks .The acceptance group carefully reviewed the relevant technical material, and inquired about some doubts and issues. Then they conducted a site inspection on DCIP laboratory of energy storage division and Rongke Power Co. Ltd. The officials and experts expressed high affirmation of the research results achieved and the preliminary work, and also made ​​valuable comments and suggestions about the key technical issues and the usage of project funds during the implementation of the project. 

  The group all agreed that the subject had completed various interim tasks in the assignment book and had met the technical specifications of corresponding provisions. They also affirmed the good execution of project budget, and implement situation of the supporting conditions and equipment.(By Rong Qian) 



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