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2013 Sum-Up Meeting on Basic Research of Large-Scale Redox Flow Battery Technology Held at DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-10-15

  The 973 research project “Basic Research on Energy Storage Technology via Large-Scale and Highly Efficient Redox Flow Batteries” convened the 2013 annual sum-up meeting at DICP, on 11th October. Experts in charge of the project, Academician Yusheng YangAcademician Baolian Yi, Prof.  Shikong Shen, Prof. Zongqiang Mao, Prof. Zifeng Ma and Prof. Pucheng Pei -attended the meeting. Weifeng Liu, the deputy director of Science &Technology Dept., the group leaders and representatives of the relevant research teams also presented at the meeting. Prof. Huamin Zhang of DICP ,the Chief Scientist of the project, presided over the meeting.

  Prof. Huamin Zhang firstly introduced the inspection of General Secretary Jinping Xi for energy storage technology on 29th, Aug and the latest international dynamic of energy storage technology. The representatives of the relevant research teams presented the annual summary reports of their own project including the research progress, research results and the research plan of next year. The experts expressed high affirmation for the interim accomplishments of the project in 2013, pointing that they had made outstanding innovative progress in non fluorinated ion -conducting membranes, high-efficiency stack and demonstration project of high-power flow battery energy storage system  and the Zn-Ni single flow battery technology. They also gave some valuable suggestions for the future work thatthe contact among various research teams of the project should be enhanced and the management of each project should be strengthened to making important achievements in the international energy storage fields. As the project will be completed next year, the chief scientist required each research team to strictly obey the planning assignment, come up with the innovation pointsand finishthe project in a satisfactory way. (By Rong Qian)



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