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Professors from the University of Tübingen, Germany visited the DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-10-08


       Professor Rainer Lehmann, Dr. Miriam Hoene and Dr. Sabine Neukamm from the University Hospital Tübingen and Professor Oliver Kohlbacher from the Center for Bioinformatics, University of Tübingen visited Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences from Sept. 20 to Oct. 3 to promote cooperation and exchange between their groups on the bases of a joint NSFC/DFG funded Sino-German research project. On Sept. 24, staffs and students from DICP and Dalian Medical University attended lectures given by Prof. Lehmann and Prof. Kohlbacher. Lehmann reported on “The potency of metabo-lipidomics in diabetes research and a view on one general obstacle of medical research”, Kohlbacher on “Analyzing high-throughput mass spectrometric data with OpenMS”. During the 1-2 weeks of their visit, the German scientists discussed scientific results and developed future metabo-lipidomics projects with Prof. Guowang Xu and his colleagues in the group 1808, DICP. 

   The University of Tübingen, founded in 1477, is one of the few Universities of Excellence in Germany. 17 hospitals, 12 centers and 16 institutes constitute the University Hospital Tübingen (founded in 1805). In the hospital, 1600 scientists are working in 950 laboratories, publishing around 2000 articles per year. The third-party funds of the university hospital amount to > 80,000 T€ per year. The medical research is focused on four core areas: neurosciences, diabetes, immunology and oncology, and infection biology. All four areas are partners in national centers for medical research. The Department of Internal medicine 4, headed by Prof. H.-U. Häring, that cooperates with the group 1808 is a partner in the German National center for Diabetes research (DZD).  

   In late 2006, the German Scientific Foundation DFG and the Chinese NSFC approved the Sino-German joint research group “Separation and analysis of complex samples” that was successfully completed in 2010. In May, 2012, Rainer Lehmann and Guowang Xu earned another Sino-German Center funded 3-year cooperation project to develop a platform for comprehensive lipidomics and metabolomics and apply this platform for the identification and functional characterization of novel biomarkers. Since the initialization of this project in July, 2012 the successful cooperation between their groups has been extended by mutual exchange and training of young scientists. The metabolomics platform is being applied to promising projects in the areas of diabetes and sports medicine. Since 2008, 15 co-authored papers have been published, especially in 2013, the cooperation results were published in Clinical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Diabetes Care etc.  

   It is expected the cooperation will be further strengthened and extended by this visit and face-to-face’discussion.  (by Xinjie Zhao, Miriam Hoene, O. Kohlbacher) 



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