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The Annual Symposium of “TOF-SIMS Scientific Instrument for Isotope Geology” Held in DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-08-28


The annual symposium on “TOF-SIMS Scientific Instrument for Isotope Geology” was successfully held in DICP on August 18th, 2013. The program is supported by Ministry of Science and TechnologyMOSTmajor scientific instruments and equipment development projects. The symposium was hosted by Group leader Professor Haiyang Li from Group for Rapid Separation and Detection (102) and Professor Li Wang from Group for Complex Molecular System Reaction Dynamics (1101). More than 40 scholars from government, research institutes and universities attended the symposium, such as Prof. Boer Wu, vice director of National Science and Technology library (NSTL); Prof. Yuying Zhang, vice president of China Association for Instrumental Analysis (CAIA), Prof. Liangzhen Cha from Tsinghua University, Prof. Motian Zhao from National Institute of Metrology of China, Prof. Xuebo Liu from The Astronaut Scientific Research Training Center of China and Prof. Keqi Yu from KYKY Technology Co., LTD. 

Professor Rui Cai, Director of Science and Technology department of DICP, attended the meeting and gave a welcome speech. At the meeting, Prof. Dunyi Liu from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, the supervisor of the projectmade an elaborate report about the execution of their respective task, organizational management experiences, the use of funds and work plans for the next step. The members from the management board had a heated discussion about the content of the reports and confirmed the achievements of each unit, gave numerous suggestions for this project. 

After the meeting, all guests visited the laboratory for rapid separation and detection (RSD), they discussed with the team members about the operation and performance of the high-resolution time of flight mass spectrometer developed in the project. Prof. Li gave a brief introduction on the developing concept from breakthroughs in core technologies, to develop specialized instrument and the industrialization; also described the development and industrialization of the special type time of flight mass spectrometers, ion mobility spectrometers. The guests fully affirmed and acclaimed on the achievements, instrument development, laboratory construction, personnel training and other aspects.

Isotopic abundance TOF-SIMS with high-precision for analysis of geological samples is a new surface analysis technique. Its successful development will play an invaluable role to break the monopoly of foreign long-term development of the situation TOF-SIMS frontier and open up a new direction of development TOF-SIMS. This new technology will bring a series of important scientific results and provide important technical support on the direct analysis of lunar samples, geological analysis, mineral prospection and other research fields. (By Guochen Qi, Weiguo Wang, photo by Jian DouDali Xu) 




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