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On-Field evaluation of CAS Key laboratory of Separation Science for Analytical Chemistry carried out in our institute
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-08-27

On August 24th, 2013, THE on-field evaluation of Key Laboratory of Separation Science for Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KLSSAC, CAS) was carried out in Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP). Nearly 200 people attended the meeting, including the evaluation experts, Prof. Guibin Jiang (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Wenping Liang, Prof. Wenzhuang Gui, Prof. Xian'en Zhang, Prof. Maili Liu, Prof. Xiaojiang Hao, Prof. Tianbai He, Prof. Guanghui Ma, Prof. Yanchun Han, Prof. Guocong Guo, Prof. Jianmin Yue, Guiju Liu (Duty director of Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Yanjie Xue (vice division chief of Key Laboratory Section), Yaohu Liu (vice division chief of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Section), Prof. Ying Fu (State Key Laboratory of Space Weather), Prof. Tao Zhang (director of DICP), Prof. Zhongmin Liu (vice director of DICP), Heng Cao(Division of Science and Technology, DICP), Prof. Yukui Zhang(Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Prof. Guowang Xu, Prof. Yafeng Guan, Prof. Xinmiao Liang, Prof. Hongbin Xiao, Prof. Lihua Zhang, the staff and graduate students of KLSSAC, CAS.  

The meeting was hosted by Yanjie Xue. Guiju Liu introduced the evaluation criteria. Director Tao Zhang made a welcome speech on behalf of DICP. Prof. Lihua Zhang, on behalf of Prof. Hanfa Zou, the director of KLSSAC, CAS, reported the scientific research, laboratory construction, and talents cultivation of the key laboratory After that, Prof. Xinmiao Liang, Prof. Lihua Zhang, Prof. Yafeng Guan and Prof. Guowang Xu reported four representative research achievements. At the same time, evaluation expert group specifically appointed a member to examine testimonial materials about the project assignment, research achievements, operations management and personnel of key laboratory. 


During the on-field examination held in the afternoon, experts visited the exhibition room of key laboratory, Laboratories of Micro-instruments for Analytical Chemistry, Novel Technology and Materials for Separation and Detection of Biomolecules, High Efficiency Separation and High Sensitive Characterization of Biomolecules, High Resolution Separation/Analysis and Metabonomics, Separation Materials for Liquid Chromatography, High Performance Preparative Separation and Analysis of Natural Medicine and listened to the detailed introduction of group leaders and key research staff. 

After the on-field evaluation, the scores, assessments and recommendations were given by the evaluation experts. Evaluation experts expressed high affirmation on the scientific achievements, laboratory construction and personnel training of the Key Laboratory since its foundation. They also gave pertinent suggestions on the expansion of research directions and the introduction of talented person.(text/photos: Xiao Li/Wansheng Liu) 




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