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New Progress in Investigation of Blood Sampling Regulations
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-04-22

Prof. Guowang Xu of the DICP Research Group on High Resolution Separation/Analysis & Metabonomics, in collaboration with the Research Team of Prof. Rainer Lehmann of Tübingen University, Germany, has made new progress in the investigation of common factors affecting blood samples before metabonomic analysis, as well as the scheme of solution. The accomplishment was published in a full paper on the top-ranking journal of Clinical Chemistry (doi: 10.1373/clinchem.2012.199257).

The investigation focused at the influences from blood collection tubes, anticoagulants, room-temperature exposure, operation temperature, hemolysis and freez-thawning on sampling, transporting, and preserving of blood samples. And based on the results of the investigation, a set of standard regulations suitable for blood sampling in metabonomic research has been recommended. These regulations have been utilized at present in the Medical School of Tübingen University as well as in Chinese hospitals collaborating with this Medical School. In the above-mentioned paper, studies on using two metabolic markers of sphingosinol-phosporic acid and xanthine deriving from too long room-temperature exposure during blood sampling as quality control for blood samples were also reported for the first time. This will help to avoid effectively negative influence of blood samples on subsequent results. Double blind verification of the markers has showed excellent prospects for practical applications, and patents have been filed.




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