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New Progress in Bionic Synthesis of Bio-Functional Materials via Microfluidics
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-03-11

The DICP team led by Prof. Jianhua Qin has made new advances in bionic synthesis of bio-functional materials by means of microfluidics, and their results were published as a cover-article in the Small journal. 


This published article was then reported as high-light news by the Lab on a chip and the Materials Views China of the Wiley-VCH Press.

In this work, the DICP researchers, by using sophistically the microfluidic technique and the micro-scale microphase fluid manipulation principle, developed a new method of “one-step” simple synthesis of honey-comb bionic structure high polymer materials, and explored their bio-functional diversity. There were several cavities within the synthesized bionic microspheres, the frame work of which showed the apparent shape of hexagons, and with compact arrangements like the honey-combs. Moreover, the microspheres were coated with nano-films outside. Further investigation showed that these structured materials possessed excellent bio-compatibility, membrane permeability and carrier diversity. They could be used not only as culture carriers of stem cells to form “micro-organization”, but also could be employed as drug carriers to realize controlled release. The present accomplishment of the DICP team has provided a new concept in the designing and preparing of bionic functional materials, and the newly developed materials will have extensive applications in bio-engineering, drug transfer as well as in catalysis.

The Small journal is an important magazine in fields of micro- nano-techniques and materials science. In recent years, the Jianhua Qin team of DICP has carried out a series of investigations on bionic synthesis and applications of functional materials based on micro-nano integrated techniques, and their achievements were published respectively in journals of Advanced Materials, Small, Lab on a Chip, and Langmuir.



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