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Successful Commissioning of Commercial Iso-Dewaxing Plant Using 2nd Generation Iso-Dewaxing Catalyst
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2013-01-29

Recently, a commercial high-pressure hydrogenation unit of 200,000 t/a for the processing of lub base oils via the iso-dewaxing process has commissioned successfully at the Daqing Refinery Co. of the SINOPEC. The key role of the iso-dewaxing unit was the second generation iso-dewaxing catalyst, designated as PIC218 Catalyst, jointly developed by the Department of Fossil Energy & Applied Catalysis, National Clean Energy Lab of DICP, and the Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (RIPP) of SINOPEC.

Hydroiso-dewaxing is at present the most advanced technology for lub oil production. In 2008, the first generation iso-dewaxing catalyst, the PIC802 Catalyst, realized commercial application in a lub oil manufacturing unit. After running for 4 years, more than 500,000 tons of high grade lub base oils were produced, bringing great economic and social benefits. According to the requirements of the consumers as well as the change in demand of the market, the joint research team conducted persistent improvement of the iso-dewaxing catalyst, including the adopting of new type zeolite supports and adjusting of  operation flexibility and product selectivity, with the consequent developing of the second generation iso-dewaxing catalyst. Then, by collaborating closely with the catalyst manufacturing plant, the joint research team was able to produce the required quantity of commercial catalyst to satisfy the commissioning need of the 200,000 t/a unit in about 3 months in 2012. On 4th November, 2012, the commercial iso-dewaxing unit was put into operation, and produced with high yields 5cst and 10cst lub base oils from 200SN and 650SN feedstocks, respectively.



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