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Visit of Prof. Zuoyue Wang from Cal. Poly. Pomona
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2012-11-02


Prof. Zuoyue Wang, professor of science history of the History Department of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA, was invited to visit DICP on 19 October. He was also invited to give a lecture with the title of “Comparison of Modern Science Development between China and USA”. The lecture was moderated by Prof. Xueming Yang (Member of CAS), and about 80 DICP scientists and graduate students attended the lecture.

Prof. Wang started his lecture from his own experience in school studies, and talked about how he had diverted his interest from physics to science history. Then he stressed the importance of learning science and technology history for science and engineering students, and pointed out that young scientists and engineers should understand the social impact of science and technology, so as to let themselves be aware of their social responsibilities. Subsequently, by means of large numbers of detailed historic materials and rigorous analysis, Prof. Wang introduced to the listeners on the development courses of modern science in China and in the States. During the lecture, Prof. Wang also conducted friendly exchange with the DICP scientists and students on topics about the current US debt crisis, the science and technology development in America, and studying of Chinese students in the United States.

After the lecture, Prof. Wang also had an informal discussion with some Advisory Board members of DICP. Then he visited the library of the institute.



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