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Meeting of 1st Academic Committee of Key Lab of Separating & Analytical Chemistry, DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2008-09-25

  The First Academic Committee of the Key Laboratory of Separating & Analytical Chemistry of DICP include 12 members and one consultant. The Committee Members are: Prof. WANG Erkong, Member of CAS, Prof. YANG Shengli, Member of CAS, Prof. YAO Shouzhuo, Member of CAS, Prof. CHEN Hongyuan, Member of CAS, Prof. ZHANG Yukui, Member of CAS, Prof. ZHANG Xian-en, Prof. JIANG Guibin, Prof. ZHUANG Qiankun, Prof. ZHANG Tao, Prof. GUAN Yafeng, Prof. ZOU Hanfa and Prof. XU Guowang. The consultant is Prof LU Peizhang, Member of CAS.

  The first meeting of the Academic Committee was held on 5th September. Prof. WANG Erkong of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of CAS was elected as the Chairman of the Committee, and Prof. YANG Shenli and Prof. YAO Shouzhuo as the Vice-Chairmen. Letters of Appointment were granted to the committee members and the consultant by Prof. ZHANG Tao, Director of DICP.

  The first meeting was chaired by Prof. WANG Erkong. Prof. ZHANG Yukui, Director of the Key Laboratory of Separating & Analytical Chemistry, as well as the research group leaders, reported to the Committee members on the progress of the Key Laboratory. Then the Committee members carried out discussions on the reports. They pointed out that this Key Laboratory of DICP is a succession of the National Chromatograhy Research & Analysis Center of DICP, which has been operated for more than 20 years. By concentrating on key research orientations in chromatography science, this Key Laboratory has nurtured a large group of outstanding scientists and superior research team leaders who are well recognized within and outside China. Based on chromatography theories and by developing new methods, instruments and techniques, they have attained research achievements on the separation and analysis of complicated systems of proteomics, metabolics, natural products and environmental pollutants, which have been highly estimated by international counterpart researchers. The Committee members also commented pertinently on the research programs of the Key Laboratory, and hoped that the DICP researchers will make good use of their past experiences to create greater accomplishments.



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