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"High Level Forum on Chitooligosaccharide and Health" Opened in Dalian
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2008-08-26

  The Forum was held on 17th and 18th of August. It was sponsored by the Saccharide Bio-Engineering Committee(SBEC) of the Chinese Bio-Engineering Society and the OLIGO Program Office of the Public Nutrition Improvement Center, State Commission of Development & Reformation, and was organized by DICP.

  About 200 participants attended the Forum. They came from the Wuhan University, Shandong University, Northwest University, CAS Organic Chemistry Institute, CAS Microorganism Institute, CAS Oceanography Institute, CAS Ecology Center, Feedstuff Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture, as well as relevant enterprises from Shangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Hainan provinces and cities. The main objective of the Forum was to explore the key problems in the application of chitooligosaccharide(COS) for the treatment of diseases and for the health protection of human bodies, and to discuss new progresses in the research of this area during the last year.

  The Forum was co-chaired by Prof. JIN Chengwu of SBEC and Prof. DU Yuguang of DICP. Lectures on modification of chitosans, R&D of new drugs from saccharides, research on feedstuff additives from COS, and vaccines from COS were delivered by Prof. DU Yumin of Wuhan University, Prof. TIN Gengyuan of CAS Organic Chemistry Institute, and scholars from other institutions, respectively. Prof. DU Yuguang and his graduate students also gave presentations on the investigations of COS in their research team.



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