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Publication of < Metabolics - Method and Application >
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2008-08-22

  The monograph, <Metabolics - Method and Application>, written by Prof. XU Guowang and his co-workers of the Research Group No. 1808 of DICP, has been published recently by the Science Press of China.

  Metabolics is one of the various genome-derived sciences. But different from the other analogues, metabolics is a science orienting in the research of biologic systems via quantitative investigation of the space-time variations in cells, tissues or biologic bodies after they are stimulated or perturbed, such as by a specific genomic variation or a change in the environment. The developments in this science are attracting more and more attentions. This monograph is the first one in China dealing with metabolics, which integrates both basic theories and practical applications of the science. It describes objectively the status of development, the existing problems, the prospects of application and the development trends of metabolics. Besides a brief retrospect of the development history and the specificities of metabolics, the monograph introduces mainly to the readers on technical platforms of metabolics and their applications in studies of health diseases, drug toxicity, plants, microbes, nutriology and environmental sciences. Thus, it is possible for the readers to have an up-to-date and full understanding of this science in a short time.

  The monograph also reflects the research accomplishments of the Research Group No. 1808 of DICP.



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