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New Technology for Propylene Epoxide from Propylene Passed Appraisal
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2008-08-19

  The new technology was invented by the DICP research team headed by Prof. GAO Shuang. An appraisal of the invention was carried out by an expert group organized by the Science & Technology Department of the Liaoning Province and the Shengyang Branch of CAS on 1st August. Chairman of the Appraisal Committee was Prof. JIN Zilin of Dalian University of Technolgy, and the members of the Committee were from engineering designing organizations, large enterprises of propylene epoxide(PE) production and authoritative testing organizations for hydrogen peroxide technologies.

  After the hearing of the research and technical reports of the research team, scrutinizing the product testing reports and the confirmation report of new inventions, the experts all agreed on an affirmative conclusion for the newly developed DICP process. They remarked that by employing a new technology of reaction-controlled phase-transfer catalyst system for direct oxidation of propylene to PE by hydrogen peroxide, it is much simpler in technical processing compared with the conventional In-situ Coupling Process, thus minimizing the loss in catalyst. The new DICP process is also highly environmentally friendly as compared with the traditional Chlorohydrin Process that is very polluting. Under optimal conditions, the yield of PE relative to H2O2 for the new process could still maintain at higher than 87% after 5 cycles of the catalyst, and the product distribution selectivity was greater than 99%. This new process is a completely original invention, and has a very promising potentiality in commercial application. The experts also proposed that pilot experiments should be arranged as soon as possible, so as to provide complete technical data for commercialization.



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