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Projects for State Tobacco Franchise Bureau
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2008-03-14

  Two research projects conducted by DICP scientists for the State Tobacco Franchise Bureau(STFB), namely, "Analysis of Volatile and Semi-Volatile Components in Tobaccos via Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography/Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy" and "Quality Improvement of Tobacco Leaves via Biological Catalytic Transformation of Polysaccharose into Reducing Sugars Herein", have passed an expert appraisal at DICP on 28th February. The appraisal experts included Prof. SU Qingde of Science & Technology University of China, Prof. LIU Baizhan of Shanghai Tobacco Holdings Co., Prof. GUO Yinlong of Shanghai Organic Institute of CAS, Prof. LIU Huwei of Peking University, Associate Prof. DU Wen of Chinese Tobacco Industrial Co. Ltd.(CTICL) of Hunan Province, Mr. XU Yingbo, Senior Engineer of CTICL of Anhui Province, Pro. CHEN Yongkuan of Tobacco Research Institute of Yunnan Province, and Associate Prof. HUANG Long of CTICL of Hubei Province. The appraisal meetings were presided over respectively by Mr. WANG Deping, Division Director of STFB, and Mr. LIU Zhengyao.

  The experts have given positive evaluations for the accomplishments of the two projects. For the first research topic of combined GC/TOFMS technique, they remarked that through 4 years' consistent investigations, DICP researchers have established a unique analysis platform for tobaccos from China and abroad. Regarding the second topic, the experts were satisfied with the methodology and process established by the DICP scientists for improving the qualities of tobaccos, which were featured by the utilizing of enzymes for the transformation of polysaccharose into reducing sugars in tobaccos.



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