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DICP Symposium (XXXIX) on Functional Metabolomics successfully held in DICP
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2015-11-23    From:Science and Technology Department

The XXXIX DICP Symposium on Functional Metabolomics was held at DICP on Nov. 9-10. The symposium served as a venue for promoting interactions between analysts, medical doctors, and biochemists. Prof. Shengli Yang (DICP), Prof. Yukui Zhang (DICP) and Prof. Guowang Xu (DICP) organized the event, which was sponsored by DICP and AB Sciex Pte., Ltd.





DICP Symposium (XXXIX) on Functional Metabolomics successfully held in DICP(Photo by HOU Xiaoli)

More than 30 distinguished international and domestic scientists studying metabolomics were invited to report their most recent research results, which included method development, medical applications, and biological studies. Over 200 research staff and graduate students from DICP participated in the meeting to present and discuss, with these leaders in the field, research progress at the institute. Some major topics of the meeting included new technology and methods to expand metabolome coverage, research methods on metabolite function and applications of metabolomics in cancer, and metabolic diseases and plants. The two-day conference provided a unique opportunity to promote the international communication and collaboration between the DICP and the international scientific community, offer a focused forum for in-depth discussions of emerging research, and stimulate the development of creative solutions to outstanding research challenges in this important and growing field of research.(Text by FANG Fei/ Photo by HOU Xiaoli)




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