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Prof. Zhongmin LIU Won the Science and Technology Innovation Award of 2015 HLHL Foundation
  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2015-11-23    From:Science and Technology Department

2015 annual awards ceremony for Ho Leung Ho Lee (HLHL) Foundation was held in Beijing Diaoyutai State Guest House on Nov. 4th. Prof. Zhongmin LIU, form Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), won the Science and Technology Innovation Award of 2015 HLHL Foundation.

Prof. LIU has engaged in the applications of catalytic research for many years and achieved fruitful results in both theory and applications. As the chief of technology, Prof. LIU accomplished the industrial test and the first industrialization of the world’s first million tons of methanol to olefins (DMTO) production. So far, DMTO technology has 20 sets of technology licensing for industrial equipments, with an olefin production capacity of 11.23 million tons per year. 8 sets of them have been put into production with a total olefin production capacity of 4.6 million tons and new production value of ac. 50 billion per year. Based on coal or methanol as raw material, DMTO technology has led to the rapid growth of a new type of olefins industry. And DMTO technology has important significance to the implementation of the national oil substitution strategy and the protection of national energy security.

Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, founded in 1994, aims at rewarding outstanding Chinese scientists and promoting China's scientific and technological innovation. Over the past 20 years, 1147 outstanding scientists were awarded for this foundation. In 2015, HLHL Foundation for Science and Technology Innovation Award valid 474 scientists for nominations, with 47 of them were selected for Outstanding Scientist Award. Previously, 8 professors from DICP has been honored for this award, including CAS academician Liwu LIN, CAS academician Nanquan LOU, CAS academician Quan YUAN, CAS academician Cunhao ZHANG, CAS academician Guohe SHA, CAS academician Can LI, CAS academician Xueming YANG and CAS academician Xinhe BAO.(Text by ZHENG Lei)




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