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Lecture: Engineered Transition Metal Containing Nanomaterials as Efficient Catalysts the Low Temperature Oxidation of Formaldehyde [2019-07-10]
Lecture: Inverse Molecular Design of Green Catalysts for Biomass Conversion [2019-06-28]
Lecture: Interplay of Electronic and Lattice Degrees of Freedom in Thermoelectric Materials [2019-05-30]
Lecture: Rational Design of Novel Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for H2 Fuel Cells and Zn-Air Batteries Fuel Cells [2019-05-28]
Lecture: Biorefining of Lignocellulosic Biomass in Inorganic Ionic Liquid [2019-05-28]
Lecture: Pt and Pt Alloy Nanoparticles Supported on Graphene Sheets for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells [2019-05-28]
Lecture: Conversion of Renewable Resources to Value-added Biochemicals and Functional Materials [2019-05-28]
Lecture: Recent Advances in the Multi-scale Simulation of Mass, Momentum and Heat Transfer in Multiphase Chemical Reactors [2019-05-24]
Lecture: Form Factor-Free, Monolithic Integrated Power Sources [2019-05-24]
Title:Biomedical Nanomaterials: Design, Synthesis and Application [2019-05-24]
Lecture: Solar Fuel Production from Water Using Organic Photocatalysts [2019-05-24]
Lecture: From Interpenetrating Polymer Networks to Host-Guest Systems Based on Metal-Organic Frameworks [2019-05-17]
Lecture: Wheland Intermediates in Catalysis [2019-05-13]
Lecture: How to Make Biofuels, Plastics and Money from Lignin [2019-05-08]
Lecture: New Mixed Anion Materials for Solar Water Splitting and Carbon Dioxide Fixation [2019-05-08]
Lecture: How to Publish Articles in the Nature Series of Journals [2019-05-05]
Lecture: Mossbauer spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation with various elements [2019-04-25]
Lecture: Local Structures in Heterogeneous Catalysts - From High Resolution Imaging to Operando TEM [2019-04-24]
Lecture: Solutions for Chemical Storage of Renewable Energy: CO2 Hydrogenation into Methanol and DME [2019-04-17]
Lecture: Structure and Dynamics of Protein Assemblies by Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectroscopy [2019-04-04]
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