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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2019-04-25
Lecture: Mossbauer spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation with various elements

Time: 25th April, 2019, 3:00 pm
Venue: Energy Building A, 1st Floor Conference Room 

Lecturer: Ryo Masuda, Kyoto University


Mossbauer spectroscopy is a unique tool for electronic states of a specific element and applied in many scientific fields, such as physics, chemistry, biology, and geoscience. It is one of a gamma-ray spectroscopy and radioactive isotopes have been used as its light source. Furthermore, brilliant and white hard X-rays from synchrotron radiation is also utilized as its light source and the advantage of synchrotron radiation provides great improvement in Mossbauer spectroscopy. In this presentation, its instrumentations and some results with this method are discussed.


Dr. Masuda started the study on the improvement of Mossbauer spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation (SR) from 2003, when he was a student under Prof. Seto, in the master’s course of Kyoto University. After he obtained the doctor degree of Science, Kyoto University at 2007, he worked in SPring-8, one of the largest SR facilities in the world, as a postdoctoral fellow at Japan Atomic Energy Agency until 2012. In this period, he developed the synchrotron Mossbauer source method in SPring-8, one of the major Mossbauer method using SR which enables iron Mossbauer spectroscopy under various extreme conditions, with Dr. Mitsui, a junior of Prof. Zhang Xiaowei of IHEP in the doctoral course of Tokyo University. In addition, Dr. Masuda developed a SR-based Mossbauer spectroscopy, which enables Mossbauer spectroscopy with various element, such as nickel and rare-earth elements. Then, he has been a researcher at Kyoto University to present and continued to improving SR-based Mossbauer spectroscopy. In 2014, he developed a new efficient measurement method by which three times or more counting rate is achieved. For a series of these contributions, he received the ICAME Young Scientist Award in 2015 at the International conference on the Applications of the Mossbauer effect in Hamburg. He was awarded in 2019 the CAS PIFI fellowship, affiliated with IHEP.

Contact: GE Rile, DNL2005
Phone: 84379711



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