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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2019-04-17
Lecture: Solutions for Chemical Storage of Renewable Energy: CO2 Hydrogenation into Methanol and DME

Time: 17th April, 2019, 9:30-11:00 am
Venue: Room 201, Energy Fundamentals Building
Lecturer: Dr Ksenia PARKHOMENKO, University of Strasbourg, France


More than 3/4 of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and mainly CO2, are due to the energy production by the combustion of fossil fuels. The challenge of sustainable development is the reduction of GHG emissions and the greater penetration of renewable energies into the electricity grid. Valorization of the captured CO2 coupled with H2 production by water electrolysis with renewable energies offers the solutions to produce "decarbonated" chemical intermediates of high added values (CH4, CH3OH or DME).

In our work we study catalytic materials based on modified Ceria-Zirconia mixed oxides, Cu-based composite oxides, Ni-based catalysts, with the use of different kinds of supports including zeolites and TUD-1 materials. For example, composite CuO-ZnO-ZrO2 is used for the CO2 hydrogenation into methanol. Different synthetic routes are studied as well: pseudo sol-gel synthesis, co-precipitation in batch and in continuous flow, large scale preparation. Recently the unique method of the high-quality materials preparation was developed - continuous microfluidic co-precipitation where the precipitation zone is much smaller and all parameters are better controlled. Catalytic tests are always carried out in close to industrial conditions for the fast implementation and easier comparison with the literature.


Dr. Ksenia Parkhomenko is a specialist in heterogeneous catalysis with research interests focused on chemical storage of renewable energy, Power-to-X development and CO2 valorization. Since 2010 she is an associated CNRS researcher at ICPEES (Institute of Chemistry and Processes for Energy, Environment and Health) at University of Strasbourg, France. Her research projects encompass the production of hydrogen from renewable sources like glycerol, ethanol and bio-oils; valorization of CO2 into methanol and dimethyl ether; preparation of composite oxides, modified ceria-zirconia catalysts, mesoporous silicate materials. She gives lectures on “Heterogeneous catalysis” for the 3rd year students at University of Strasbourg. Her research collaborations englobe different national French, European and International partners (e.g. Spain, Russia, Belgium, South Africa, Japan, Columbia, China).

Contact: ZHAO Xu, DNL2002
Phone: 84379707



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