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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2018-01-30
Lecture: The Rising Star in The Two-Dimensional Family - MXenes and Their Derivatives: Fundamentals & Applications

Time: 30th  January, 2018, 2:30 pm
Venue: Room 201, Basic Energy Building
Lecturer: Dr. ZHANG Chuanfang (John), University of Dublin


The two-dimensional family, represented by graphene, h-BN and MoS2, has been received huge research attention in recent years. Their unique properties in many aspects render quite promising future in many fields, such as energy storage and conversion, gas sensing, catalysis, etc. Born in 2011, the transition metal carbide and/or carbonitride, so-called MXenes, unexpectedly, become the fashionable 2D fancy materials within the short 6 years. Due to their rich surface chemistry, electronics and electromagnetics, optoelectronics properties, MXene becomes ever-increasingly important in energy, environment and catalysis fields. The MXene derivatives also possess exotic properties due to the combined advantages from the MXene parent and the guest species. Herein, this talk will majorly discuss about the fundamentals and applications of this newly-added 2D MXenes and their derivatives. In addition, I will also share with you on my 6-year abroad study and research life and stories, including episodes with my Drexel colleagues, who discovered MXenes in our lab.


Dr. ZHANG Chuanfang (John) completed his PhD program from ECUST and Drexel University under the supervision of Prof. Yury Gogotsi. Currently he is an ERC research fellow in Trinity College Dublin, leading a subgroup made of 5 postdocs, 5 PhD students and 1 undergraduate, working on scalable production of two-dimensional materials, inks and energy storage devices, Li-ion batteries, transparent conductive films and devices, etc. During his stay in US, he was the chief researcher for the Drexel-UCLA collaboration project funded by US Department of Energy (DOE). Up to now, he has published 36 SCI papers, many of which are listed as first-author or corresponding author in high-profile journals such as Nature (book chapter), Adv. Mater.,Adv. Funct. Mater., Nano Energy, Chem. Mater., Small, ACS Nano, Energy Storage Materials etc. Among these papers which are cited for 1200 times in the past three years, 4 become ESI highly cited papers, 2 were accepted as VIP, reaching the H-index to 20. Dr. ZHANG has delivered >30 talks in various occasions including Princeton University and MRS conference. In 2016, he was awarded as Irish Young Leader of the Year, Irish Lab Scientist of the Year and Irish Lab Staff Member of the Year.

Contact: ZHAO Xuejun, DNL21T3
Phone: 84379231


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