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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2018-01-18
Lecture: I-Medium Temperature DMFC, II-High Temperature PEMFC

Time:January 18th, 2018, 9:30-11:00am
Venue: Room 201 in Energy Conference Center
Lecturer: Prof. Habil. Jürgen Garche,the CEO of FCBAT Ulm


Report I: It will be reported about the development of novel cell components for a medium temperature (100-150°C) DMFC, with improved kinetics of methanol oxidation reaction at high operating temperature and uncompressed cathode air.Further advantages of MT-DMFC include: simplified water management, effective stack cooling against ambient temperature, and catalysts shows high tolerance to pollutants. Novel membrane materials will be discussed based on microphase-separated block co-polymers, where thhydrophilic phase takes over the H+transport and the hydrophobic phase provides mechanical stability.New C-supported PtAu, PtPd, PtCrbimetalic catalysts for the cathode and unsupported PtRu& Au @ Pt catalysts for anode or cathode will be also discussed. MEA and stack issues will be introduced as well.

Report II: It will be reported about the development of a 5 kW HT-PEMFC working at 160-180°C with a phosphoric acid doped PBI membrane. The fuel is used a reformate with 32% H2 and 1% CO. In detail, it will be discussed as the followed topics: i) General setup, including stack design, adaption to the application, system connection, assembly of repeating units; ii) Sizing, including scale-up in terms of active cell area and number of cells, limits due to flow distribution, additional losses; iii) Components, including variety of materials available, check, if they meet technical and cost requirements; iv) Concepts, including several alternatives for clamping, flow distribution and heat management available.


Prof. Garche is a professor in electrochemistry at Ulm University, Germany. He got his PhD in Theoretical Electrochemistry at TU Dresden, 1970, and Habilitation in Applied Electrochemistry at TU Dresden, 1980. He is also the Visiting Professor at Shandong University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, and Sapienza University Roma (Italy). In 1970-1990, Prof. Garche was the Senior Researcher, university lecturer at TU Dresden. In 1991-2004, he was Head of the Electrochemical Energy Storage and Energy Conversion Division of the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research. And in 2004-now, he is the CEO of FCBAT Ulm (Fuel Cell and Battery Consulting).

Prof. Garche has published over 300 papers, 10 patents, and 3 books. He is also the Editor-in-Chief, Encyclopedia Electrochemical Power Sources, ELSEVIER, 5 volumes, 2009. He is also the editor board member for Journal of Power Sources, Fuel Cells - From Fundamentals to Systems, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Electrochemical Power Sources. In the past decades, Prof. Garche has got awards on α-β PbO2 Society Price (1998), Award of the German Gas Industry (2000), European Fuel Cell-Award “Schoenbein Medal” (2003), Fuel Cell Excellence Award (2006).

The R&D interests of Prof. Garche are focused on Lead-Acid, Li-Ion, Redox-Flow Batteries, PEMFC and DMFCs, Supercaps, and Photoelectrochemistry.

Contact: DONG Yan
Phone: 84379797



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