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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-11-21
Lecture: Applications of Aberration-Corrected TEM in New Energy Catalysts and Two-Dimensional Materials

Time: 21th November, 2017, 10:00 am
Venue: Conference Room on First Floor, No.1 Energy Building
Lecturer: Prof. LUO Jun, Tianjin University of Technology


The atomic structures and chemical information of material surfaces and interiors as well as their evolutions during their services can be characterized by combining aberration-corrected (AC) TEM and multiple spectroscopic techniques, which enables atomic-structure resolving, atomic-resolution (AR) spectroscopic imaging, characterization of interatomic electric fields, tomography of structural information, AR in-situ electron microscopy and so on. Professor Jun Luo and the members in Center for Electron Microscopy (Tianjin University of Technology) have successfully applied these techniques on characterizations of surface structures and elemental distributions of several metal nanocatalysts for energy. They have demonstrated not only the lattice structure of each element in the nanocatalyst surfaces and their epitaxial relationship but also their atomic-scale structural evolution during electrochemical processes. Further, they and their collaborators have achieved nanocatalyst surface structures with high activities and stabilities together. On the other hand, they have also successfully used AC TEM to characterize 2D atomic crystals and their heterostructures at AR, supporting the researches of their collaborators.


Professor Jun Luo obtained his bachelor (2001) and Ph D. (2006) from Tsinghua University, and then worked as a post-doctor researcher in Chemistry Department of Warwick University UK (2006-2007), as a research fellow in Materials Department of Oxford University UK (2007-2011), as an associate professor in School of Materials and National Center of Electron Microscopy (Beijing) in Tsinghua University (2011-2015). From 2015 to now, he has been working as a distinguished professor in School of Materials, an associate dean of Institute for New Energy Materials and Low-Carbon Technologies and the director of Center of Electron Microscopy (CEM) in Tianjin University of Technology (TUT). His research interests include nanomaterials, nanodevices and electron microscopy. He has published 29 papers in Nature Energy, Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, ACS Nano, Nano Letters, Nano Energy, Advanced Functional Materials etc. He completed the establishment of CEM in TUT in one year and a half. The total asset of CEM is 62 million RMB, including an advanced aberration-corrected TEM and other 5 electron microscopes. CEM is also a joint laboratory between TUT and FEI.

Contact: SUN Hui, Group 1502
Phone: 84379161



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