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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-11-20
Mass Transfer Properties of Porous Materials and the Distinguishment and Regulation of Their Active Sites

Time: 20th November, 2017, 14:00-16:00 pm
Venue: Conference Room on the 1st floor, No.1 Energy Building
Lecturer: Prof. SONG Lijuan, Liaoning Shihua University


Four techniques are introduced for investigating the adsorption and diffusion properties of porous materials, including zeolites and catalyst particles, and the dependencies of the catalytic performance of the materials on the mass transfer behaviour are discussed in the first part of the talk. The second part of the talk mainly focus on the measurement and distinguishment of the structures and the roles of various species in the zeolites, such as acidic sites, modified metal species, non-framework aluminium, and so on. Three reaction systems including catalytic cracking, selective adsorptive desulfurization and olefinic alkylation of thiophenic sulfur are taken as the case studies for the discussion of the regulation of these active sites.


SONG Lijuan received her first Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1984 in Tianjin University. In 2000, she completed her PhD in Physical Chemistry in the University of Edinburgh, UK, under the supervision of Prof. Lovat Rees. She continued to work, as a postdoc research fellow, with Prof. Rees until the end of 2004 when she rejoined Liaoning Shihua University. Having been a professor in the university since then, she is now the director of the Key Laboratory of Petrochemical Engineering Catalysis Science and Technology, Liaoning Province. She was awarded a distinguished Professor in the province and a state council government special allowance expert in China. Her scientific interests are mainly related to the studies of adsorption and diffusion in porous materials, green catalytic materials and processes, clean fuels, and the utilization of light hydrocarbons, etc.

Contact: ZHANG Xiaochen DNL0603
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