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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-11-23
Lecture: Nanocatalysis beyond Activity

Time: 23th November, 2017, 3:30pm
Venue: Conference Room on first floor of Basic Energy Building
Lecturer: Prof. De Chen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


A key objective of nanocatalysis research is to develop catalysts with 100% selectivity, extremely high activity, low energy consumption, and long lifetime. With this motivation, scientists and engineers have long studied particle-size effects in catalysis, in particular aiming for increasing activity and reducing or replacing noble metals. The exciting opportunities and challenges of nanocatalysis in chemical process beyond activity, in terms of remarkably improving selectivity and stability will be discussed. This can be achieved only by precisely controlling the size, shape, spatial distribution, surface composition and electronic structure, and thermal and chemical stability of the individual nanocomponents. We will discuss the strategy of engineering of the metal nanoparticle facets with particle size and shape to manipulate the low and high coordinate sites, bond length and electronic structures towards fine-tuning of not only the activity, but also the selectivity and stability simultaneously. DFT and kinetic study of the size-dependence of activity and selectivity in steam and dry methane reforming on Ni based catalysts, propane dehydrogenation and selective oxidation of hydrogen on Pt based catalysts as well as preferential CO oxidation on Pt based catalysts are addressed. We will demonstrate excellent opportunities of nanocatalysts to manipulate the surface adsorption strength and reaction pathway as well as the cluster confinement to remarkably increase the resistance for coke formation and sintering, thus the catalyst lifetime.


CHEN De is the professor at the catalysis group, Department of Chemical engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is the member of Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences, the board member and group leader of Norwegian center of industrial catalysis science and innovation, member of SinoNor program at Norwegian research Council. His main research interests are industrial catalysis, computational catalysis (density functional theory, molecular dynamic simulation and microkinetic modeling), catalysis for new energy technologies including biomass and CO2 conversion to chemicals and fuels, development of materials and process for CO2 capture, synthesis and applications of carbon nanomaterials in energy storage and conversion, such as supercapacitors, Li ion batteries, metal air batteries and fuel cells. He has published more than 300 publications with H index of 52 (Google scholar).

Contact: MAO Jia, Group 505
Phone: 84379307



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