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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-11-08
Lecture: Process Systems Engineering: Applications on Sustainable Bioproduction

Time: November 8th, 2017, 10:00am
Venue: Room 406, Bio-Tech Building
Lecturer: Dr. Del Rio Chanona, Imperial College London


Process Systems Engineering (PSE) focuses on the development of computer-based mathematical methods for the design, operation, control, and optimisation of chemical, physical and biological processes. Currently, in the domain of chemical engineering research, Sustainable Bioproduction has been given significant attention due to the ever-decreasing non-renewable fossil resources and their severe environmental issues. Sustainable bioproduction aims to design regenerative and environmentally friendly processes in which feedstocks are predominantly derived from bio-based materials, including both biomass (e.g.agriculture waste, forestry residue) and microorganisms (e.g. bacteria and microalgae in fermentation processes).

In this presentation, we will introduce the applications and challenges of state-of-the-art PSE strategies into sustainable bioproduction. In particular, two cases studies will be presented. The first will focus on the production of microalgae based biofuels and high-value bioproducts. Different process simulation and optimisation tools including kinetic modelling, machine learning models, andreal-time optimisation frameworks for highly nonlinear dynamical processes will be introduced. As these strategiesare used to accurately represent complex biosystems and enhance process productivities. In the second case, high-level principle process design strategies such as superstructure reaction network construction and pathway screening, multi-objective optimisation and MINLP, will be presentedto illustrate theongoing work for the process design of citrus waste derived biopolymer production.


Dr. Del Rio Chanona has mainly focused on the development and application of advanced computer-based strategies to resolve the current challenges arising from bioprocess systems engineering. During his research he has developed simulation methodologies and optimisation algorithms for sustainable biofuels and high-value bioproducts production. He has also developed novel optimisation algorithms, and incurred into the area of artificial intelligence to develop new frameworks that can be used in the systems engineering and energy generation fields.
In 2012 he was awarded a full scholarship to attend Stanford Summer International Honours Program. In 2013 he received the Jesus College Cambridge-CONACyT scholarship to pursue his PhD at the University of Cambridge. In 2015 he was selected by the Operations Research (OR) Society to represent the new generation of researchers in this field and attend EURO-ESI. Since 2015, He has published 21 journal peer-reviewed articles in a variety of international leading journals such as Biotechnology and Bioengineering, AIChE Journal, Chemical Engineering Science, Computers & Chemical Engineering and Algal Research. In addition, during his PhD he has been invited to give numerous oral presentations in different national and international conferences. Directly after the completion of his PhD at Cambridge, he was awarded the prestigious EPSRC Research Fellowship, which enables him to conduct independent research as a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London.

Contact: Prof. XUE Song, Group 1812
Phone: 84379069




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