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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-10-03
Lecture: Mission Accomplished-Auto-Stack Core Delivers Top of Class FC Technology

Time: October 3rd, 2017, 10:30-11:30 am
Venue: Conference Room on First Floor in No.1 Energy Building
Lecturer: André Harry Martin,André Martin Consulting, Idstein, Germany


“Auto-Stack Core” is a European funded collaborative project with the objective to develop best-of-its-class automotive stack hardware. The project consortium combines the collective expertise of European automotive OEMs, component suppliers, system integrators and research institutes to remove critical disconnects between stakeholders. It includes all core activities of fuel cell stack development from design over component manufacturing and stack assembly to stack performance and durability testing.

The technical concept reflects the system requirements of major automotive OEMs and builds on the Auto-Stack assessments carried out under an FCH JU Grant Agreement from 2010 to 2012. It suggests a stack platform concept to substantially improve economies of scale and reduce critical investment cost for individual OEMs by sharing the same stack hardware for different vehicles and vehicle categories. The project thus is addressing one of the most critical challenges of fuel cell commercialization.

The project has achieved or exceeded all its major technical and cost targets. More than 30 short and full size stacks were built and tested. Results of the validation testing program are confirming robust operation of the stacks under the specified requirements. After 4 years of development, AutoStack Core now can provide top of class, viable and affordable automotive stack technology to support the upcoming FCEV commercialization activities.



1971-1975 National Economy and Marketing, College of Economics, Berlin

Professional experience

Since 2009

Independent consultant and political advisor, management of fuel cell and hydrogen programs and projects


Coordinator Joint Technology Initiative for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCHInStruct), Brussels


Vice President of the Ballard Transportation Business Unit;CEO of Ballard Power Systems AG; Managing Director of NuCellSys GmbH

Selected projects

- Development, delivery and support of numerous advanced early fuel cell system prototypes for demonstration vehicles to DaimlerChrysler, Ford and other OEMs from 1998 until 2003

- 2003-2004, responsibility for the program and project Management of Ballard Power Systems for the European CUTE Bus Project, the largest fuel cell bus demonstration fleet globally with 40 buses across Europe, China and Australia

- Collaboration with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in numerous European and other projects, including on financing of the H2-infrastructure, distributed power generation with fuel cells and commercialization of fuel cell buses

- Coordination of European technology projects Autostack, Autostack Core, Autostack Industrie.

Industry competence

- Executive positions in the automotive industry and supply chain for fuel cells and hydrogen

- Member of the Board of Powercell Sweden AB

- Member of the Board of the German Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Association

Methodological competence

- Management of consortia

- Public-private partnerships

- Strategy and business development

- Management of technology and demonstration projects

- Management of multi-national teams

- More than 130 papers

Contact: DONG Yan
Phone: 84379797



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