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  English.dicp.cas.cn    Posted:2017-09-27
Lecture: General Introduction of the Centre for Energy Research Including Recent Achievements in Materials Sciences

Time: September 27th, 2017, 10:00-10:30am
Venue: Room 201, Basic Energy Builiding
Lecturer:Àkos Horváth Director General MTA Centre for Energy Research


MTA Centre for Energy Research (MTA EK) is an academic research organization in Hungary. Activities of the Centre are organized in three scientific directions: a) nuclear safety, b) energy security and c) nanoscale structures and functional materials.

MTA EK performs safety assessments for the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in various fields of nuclear safety, radiation protection, non-proliferation and to some extent also of waste management. MTA EK is the operator of the 10 MW Budapest Research Reactor. Safety of this reactor was developed as a leading edge of research reactor safety due to the experts of MTA EK.

The competitiveness of the present and future nuclear reactors with other energy producing technologies depends on the well based but not too conservative definition of the safety margins for normal operation and incidental conditions. With this aim, the development of multi-physics modeling of physical phenomena in nuclear reactors is a priority area.

Performing worldwide acknowledged experiments on research facilities (ZR-6 critical assembly, PMK-2 thermo-hydraulic facility, CODEX fuel behaviour and severe accident facility) provided the basis of disciplinary knowledge. Experts of MTA EK have a global vision on safety matters due to their extensive participation in the activities of OECD NEA, IAEA and EURATOM.


Àkos Horváth (Hungary) is presently the director general of MTA Centre for Energy Research in Hungary.

He completed his Master thesis at Roland Eötvös University, Budapest, as engineering-physicist. Holds PhD since 2003 from the same University.

His scientific career has been in high temperature corrosion, radiation ageing, and development of heat resistant structural materials for nuclear reactors. He has coordinated several national and international research activities related to structural materials of investigation and characterization for future fission and fusion nuclear reactors. Since 2010, he has been participating in the management of the Hungarian nuclear R&D program.

He is a Member of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering, and a Member of the Board of the Hungarian Nuclear Society.

Contact: GE Rile DNL2005
Phone: 84379711 




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